uplifting the expertise of people with lived experience

To ensure dignity and equity into the frameworks used by policymakers, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, corporations, and government entities by teaching the ethical process of engagement of community stakeholders. To uplift the expertise of people with lived experience while providing solutions from a commUnity Driven asset-based frame of reference. 

Prioritizing trauma-informed care, and cultural competency, we aim to increase awareness of the value of lived experience and to share a platform with people with lived expertise to help end the cycle of poverty while informing and changing public policy.


meaningful actions to advance opportunities for marginalized communities

Our goal is to empower Key Decision-Makers to be champions that commit to taking meaningful actions to advance opportunities for marginalized communities to collaboratively address gaps in service and equity. 

To educate on the ethical engagement of community stakeholders and people with lived experience with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion while being trauma-informed and culturally competent.

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Community Driven Purpose

Community Driven LLC provides hybrid technical support and consulting services to Non-profit organizations, government entities, corporations, and philanthropic organizations to execute strategies in the areas of lived experiences, lived expertise, poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence, policy, and advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and asset-based community development. Asset-based community development is based on the premise that communities know what is best for their future. Communities determine their needs and assets, design and implement their own projects, and may seek outside support as desired, but they own the process and outcomes of local development.

Key Areas of expertise provided by Community
Driven Consulting LLC

Food insecurity
Domestic violence
Organizing and advocacy
Community Building and engagement
Trauma-Informed Care
Cultural Competency
​Facilitation and Consensus Building
Structured Decision-Making
Stakeholder Engagement
Strategic Planning and Design
Request For Proposal Reviews
Equitable Meeting Design
Project Management
Program Design and Implementation
Policy and Planning
Coalition Building
Focus Groups
Steering Committees