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Barbie is a fantastic speaker and motivator. I asked Barbie to participate in a panel event for a broad audience, and she more than met the moment. She was easy to work with from beginning to end and clearly takes her work, mission, and message very seriously. After the panel, I received a lot of positive feedback from attendees that Barbie’s message really hit home for them and that they were grateful for the opportunity to hear her speak. It’s clear that food insecurity and hunger are topics that mean a lot to Barbie personally and that she is well-informed on professionally.

Jon C.

Inspiring others makes a difference. I would love to receive emails on where she will be giving a speech.


Barbie is such a Beautiful Person! Her presentation was very moving and touching. I have not experienced hunger and am thankful but I do understand others that have gone thru this. So sad. 🙁 


I loved the imagery she used with the fountain. Barbie is very brave to step up and speak about her experience and helps other people to open up. You are an inspiration for many many people out there. Keep it up and don't stop!!

Maria G.

Dear Barbie – My name is Rachel , and I work as a public defender in Iowa City. I’m writing to thank you for speaking at the Johnson County Crisis Center’s banquet tonight. Living in a university town, my husband and I have seen a lot of really good speakers: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jane Goodall, Antonin Scalia, Cornell West, and Bryan Stevenson to name a few. My husband even got to see Desmond Tutu, whom you quoted in your speech tonight. But we agreed: none of them spoke as honestly and movingly as you did tonight. We feel really lucky to have had the chance to hear you speak.

Rachel A.

She is a powerful speaker. Her story was impactful.It created new awareness for me about this issue. Her story was very impactful. It was fantastic!

Michelle K.

How important it is to see the people that we provide services for as the experts in the solution to end the cycle of food insecurity and poverty. I loved her presentation! Powerful! I loved it!

Rosario F.

Barbie was so genuine and her writing is fantastic. She is such a powerful force.  Excellent

Roberta L.

Hi Barbie,I came across the A Place at the Table in my Nutrition Across the Lifespan class at Bellevue Univ in Omaha, NE. I worked ahead in the assignments; we won’t actually get to watching this film for another 5 weeks. I watched it today, and your segment touched me. I know this was filmed 3 years ago, but I wanted to followup. How have things at home changed since the film release? I’m not asking regarding the notoriety that came with becoming a public eye figure, but how have things been going at home aside from that? Are you still in that struggle as you were when the film was shot?

Ty K.

You were amazing. I think we may have been one of your first public speaking engagements. I loved having you speak directly to our donors of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. You had and still have an amazing story to share. It felt like such an honor to meet you and to hear your story directly from you. You truly put a face to the people we look like my friend, my neighbor, the lady at the checkout...meaning it could have been anyone and we just didn't know it. Your story is impactful! 

Lori B

Great Mentor she should consider talking to our youth!

Stephanie R.

Stephanie R.

Barbie is a fantastic speaker and motivator. I asked Barbie to participate in a panel event for a broad audience, and she more than met the moment. She was easy to work with from beginning to end and clearly takes her work, mission, and message very seriously. After the panel, I received a lot of positive feedback from attendees that Barbie's message really hit home for them and that they were grateful for the opportunity to hear her speak. It's clear that food insecurity and hunger are topics that mean a lot to Barbie personally and that she is well-informed on professionally. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Barbie and was very impressed with her skills as a speaker! Barbie was incredibly kind and easy to work with. She spoke on a panel where she shared her personal experiences, gave great advice to a vast audience, and was clearly knowledgeable about the topic at-hand. She truly speaks from the heart and is committed to her work. I would be honored to work with Barbie again and would recommend her to others any time.

Becca L.

Believe it or not, been going through some burn out, feeling that I need out and just need for change.. Then listening to Barbie brought back to mind the reason I am here and what I have my heart in. Thank you for having her. Came to me in the perfect moment.


I saw the movie you were in and had to know how you were doing now. Your speech made my cry. ❤️

Ali R.

Barbie has lived her life trying to help herself, her family, her community, and her world. She has demonstrated her effectiveness as an advocate, as a spokesperson, and as a champion for others escaping hunger and poverty. She is an extremely compelling advocate for those who are hungry and living in poverty.

Max F

I was unaware that so many fulnerable individuals being abused. Barbie was very knowledgable of her presentation. I am so glad I was able to join.

 Robin R.

Robin R.

There was a point in the documentary that you were sitting in your stairway being filmed, you shared with such rawness and honesty to the point that I felt like I could feel what you were feeling. I wanted people to hear your story so that they could also hear about the amount of strength, power and grace that you had to pull you through to where you are today. You put a real face to those that experience food insecurity and the way you shared your story, people could see it. I think because we might have been one of your first speaking engagements, I was surprised that you were nervous, especially after doing the documentary but that made you even more relatable. I loved having the opportunity to meet you and to watch where you have ended up. You are truly an advocate for a great cause. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in,

Lori B.

Just watched the documentary of A Place at the Table and I am now crying. I see that you graduated and I am so proud of you!! You are my role model!!

Nicole V.

You're amazing, and inspiring! Very powerful, made me think more about what I do and the people it affects.


I THINK YOU beautiful..just rent the movie off cable…but it sad process food taking over the food chain…process food cheap where veggie/fruit start to be a all time high…organic food as well becoming to much for my pocket…crazy when u try to get public assistance why the hell they ask you how much your gas/light bill or water its not like they going to substantiate it to give you food stamps…say you get $800 every month and your rent $600 but you have light & gas about 179 and you got 2 kids you got to have clothes/catch bus or gas in car//household items etc etc…….they say you making too much money we cant help you…bullshit……anyway 1st time saw you in the documentary you one beautiful women….wish i knew you or you was in chicago i’l be in love…..well anyway be strong…have a bless day……p.s. dont take nyquil or eat blueberry muffins they have the same chemicals thats in antifreeze …(Propylene Glycol) its on they labels……blueberry muffins dont even have blueberries the blue is the Propylene Glyco….l .we gotta know this stuff usda/fda dont even care…i got a page hope you join it tell these things…….anyway stay beautiful & BLESS for success

Barry J.

Hi Barbie! I’m Cherrita and I am one of the Bank of America Student Leaders. I just wanted to say hearing your speak this past week was so enlightening. You’re such an amazing person. And it’s so inspiring to meet someone like you with so much resilience and perseverance. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done enact positive change in today’s society. I’m also interested trying eliminate hunger from the world today. And I would love to connect with you and here some of your ideas on how anyone can make small but lasting changes in their communities, to help with the effort. Thank you!!

Bank of America Student Leaders

When we were planning the Council on Foundations Conference (COF) for Chicago in 2013, A Place at theTable was about to be released and Participant Media suggested Barbie as a speaker for our plenary on food insecurity. Leading up to the conference, Barbie was responsive, collaborative and truly worked with us to create the right type of opening speech. On the day of her speech before a room of 1500 philanthropic leaders, Barbie passionately shared her story with power and vulnerability and her lived experience was a gift to all in the room to truly understand what the realities of food insecurity are. Barbie shared her lived experience in ways that were accessible to our audience. Her perspectives are so important and valuable. If you are looking for a great keynote speaker or someone to learn from around issues of food insecurity, Barbie is amazing, kind and a true inspiration.

Lisa S.

Rated 5 out of 5

I am a small-town Maine mother and Lived Expertise Food Security Advocate who was given an amazing opportunity to speak along side Barbie during a National panel a year ago. At the time, I was only a year and a half in to my journey as an advocate, I was still struggling to figure out what my personal advocacy goals were, so to find myself next to such an amazing voice for this movement was mind-blowing. Many times during that panel I would find myself so mesmerized by Barbie’s words that I would forget it when it was my turn to speak. While our stories and backgrounds are different, Barbie and I connected over our roles as mothers and how we could balance that with advocacy. Barbie was also the first POC that I had heard speak in person about the role that race plays within this work. She ignited a passion in me to be a voice at the table, a voice that introduces those who are marginalized by more than the economic status, a voice that then goes quiet and encourages others to listen to a perspective outside of their own, a voice that understands that I am only one voice and more importantly that my voice is one of privilege. Every moment I get to use this voice that Barbie helped guide, I am immediately grateful to her, her mesmerizing words, and her welcoming compassionate way that helped me become a better advocate!

Rebekah Lane
Rated 5 out of 5

I met Barbie back in 2012 during my darkest times. She was such a light as she was about to embark on a journey sharing her story around the US With the premiere of the movie. She couldn’t grasp her reality, and after every discussion about the movie she would say – “I exist.” Idk if she said it so many times to convince herself or she said it in awe that someone from such a huge city has made the first steps towards world change! Barbie inspired me back in 2012 when she documented her struggles with food insecurity. Now, not only does she exist , but she is breaking barriers and knocking open glass ceilings for those in her community to see that she when you take your struggle and advocate for justice, you can make a change!

Mia Bella
Rated 5 out of 5

Barbie is an active advocate in the community. She is organized, compassionate, communicative, and diligent. She works tirelessly to get people of color, especially in low-income communities, the resources they need in order to have a fighting chance. I look forward to working together again.

Bianca Harrison
Rated 5 out of 5

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